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About Us

In 2014, we began as a FinTech company using our multi-device software solutions to help bridge the gap between finance and technology. Since the launch, we’ve partnered with companies like Samsung, Intesa Sanpaolo and Morningstar to help make financial market data more accessable.
Building on our mission, we launched an online newspaper in 2018 that helps investors stay up-to-date on the latest developments affecting global markets. 

And with the 2020 debut of InvestoPro, our latest venture expands our reach to online investment services


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Market Data & Financial Platform

Through our proprietary technology, we combine financial data with a user-friendly interface to help improve the banking and trading experience of both professional operators and private investors.

Our multi-device software solutions are fully equipped with complete and modular information sets, which allows for smoother functionality when organizing real-time financial market data.

Media Company

With the help of our global team of editors and multimedia content producers, our financial market wire service covers the latest news, investment trends and provides proprietary research. 

Our mission is to increase the financial literacy of our readers and help make the financial markets a more equitable universe to invest.


As a financial platform that’s designed to support and enhance your investing experience, our goal is to create an interface that’s simple, modular and innovative:


• Multi-device technology
• Web based
• Interactive Charts
• Customizable dashboards
• Virtual Trading


• Real-time data on 100,000 instruments
• Economic and financial news
• Analysis and Trading Ideas
• Thematic Lists
• Training sessions 

Our customers

Through a common goal of democratizing market data, we’ve collaborated with some
of the largest data vendors and financial institutions in the world

B2B platform for bankers and professional users, designed to highlight the breadth and uniqueness of Morningstar’s content

B2B2C solutions dedicated to the world of investments, including Investo and the Financial Institution portal

Multi-device B2C financial app available on SmartTV, Desktop, Mobile, Smart Home and Wearable devices 


 MarketWall and Morningstar Launch Morningstar Global Market, a GEMINA-Based Research and Market Data..
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Start trading with InvestoPro
Trading platform, learning center and investment ideas
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We are proud to present our financial platform designed to fully support your investment decisions
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